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Many articles, tips and information to help our readers discover Cortina d'Ampezzo and its surroundings. Our website has been written with passion, to share our knowledge about the town we live in every day.

CiaoCortina, short introduction

CiaoCortina is a website that aims to become the best unofficial tourist guide for Cortina d'Ampezzo.
We live here all year and we want to provide a service to the guests of Cortina. For this reason every article is always sincere and "written with the heart"

We don't want to welcome our visitors with a wall of text, so we have decided to write a more in-depth introduction in the bottom part of this page . So let's start with a list of all our articles, divided into sections.

What to do in Cortina

This section contains the best activities for spending your vacation in Cortina. The things to do are divided according to season or weather conditions. This is the ideal starting point to discover what to do in Cortina d'Ampezzo.

What to do in Winter in Cortina Winter in Cortina The best activities for the winter season in Cortina d'Ampezzo. Reading time: 12 min What to do in Summer in Cortina Summer in Cortina Some ideas on how to spend your time in Cortina in the warm season. Reading time: 19 min What to do in Cortina if it rains What to do: Cortina when it rains How to spend a pleasant day in Cortina if you have been unlucky and you've found bad weather. Reading time: 9 min What to see in Corso Italia in Cortina What to see in Corso Italia All the buildings and points of interest in the central area of Cortina d'Ampezzo, with some curiosities. Reading time: 17 min What to see in Cortina What to see in Cortina A page where you can discover all that Cortina has to offer on a one or multi day vacation. Reading time: 5 min The Museums of the regole d'Ampezzo The Museums of the "Regole" Three interesting museums to visit. An art gallery, an ethnographic museum, and a fossil collection. Reading time: 6 min The small Vespa museum in Cortina The private Vespa museum The Cortina Vespa Museum is a private collection with many articles about the Vespa. Reading time: 7 min

Living Cortina

A collection of articles for those who are on vacation in Cortina and want to experience the town at its best. In this section are collected the best experiences to enjoy what Cortina has to offer, from sports to gastronomy, to having fun and partying.

Where to eat well in Cortina Eat well in Cortina The best places to eat, whatever the budget, from pizza to star-studded. Reading time: 10 min Where to have fun in Cortina Party in Cortina The nightlife in Cortina: from bars to nightclubs to mountain lodges. Reading time: 17 min Eating in a Cortina's mountain lodge Eating in a mountain lodge Everything you need to know abou mountain lodge, whether you want to reach it on foot or by ski lift. Reading time: 11 min Skiing in Cortina Skiing in Cortina d'Ampezzo Information about skiing in Cortina, whether you are a fan of alpine skiing or prefer Nordic skiing. Reading time: 7 min Cycling and mountain biking in Cortina Cycling and biking in Cortina A page for the lovers of the two wheels, with tips and routes for both road and mountain bikes. Reading time: 9 min

The surroundings of Cortina

If you want to explore the surroundings of Cortina, this is the section for you. All the articles here focus on the most attractive places that can be easily reached from Cortina d'Ampezzo, either by car or by bus.

Drei Zinnen Three Peaks Lavaredo Three Peaks of Lavaredo The most iconic panorama in the Dolomites, a must see near Cortina. Reading time: 9 min Lake Braies Lake Braies Lake Braies, one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in the world. Reading time: 7 min Lake Misurina Lake Misurina Let's get to know Misurina, the largest alpine lake in Italy, as well as the starting point of many hiking. Reading time: 8 min Cibiana, the village of the murals Cibiana, the village of murals One of the most beautiful villages in Cadore, frescoed with murals by international artists. Reading time: 7 min Pocol Military Memorial The Pocol Military Memorial An evocative ossuary near Cortina, one of the lesser known spots in the town, but of definite interest. Reading time: 6 min

Information about Cortina

A collection of articles on Cortina traditions, some interesting facts and other useful information. A page written for both guests and residents, where you can get to know the town a little better and, perhaps, learn something new.

Tourist flow in seasonality Cortina's seasonality What to expect, in terms of tourist flow, in every month of the year. Reading time: 12 min Parking lot in Cortina Where to park in Cortina A map and some recommendations about parking in Cortina. Reading time: 7 min History of Cortina History of Cortina A brief history of the town of Cortina, from Mondeval man to the present day, with highlights. Reading time: 14 min The bell tower of Cortina The bell tower of Cortina Everything you ever wanted to know, and more, about the amazing Cortina's bell tower. Reading time: 6 min Geological history of the Dolomites Geological history of the Dolomites How the Dolomites were formed and the history of Dolomite, the white rock of which they are composed. Reading time: 9 min What are the Sestieri of Ampezzo What are the "Sestieri" of Ampezzo An association, a cultural heritage and a geographical division. A page about the "Sestieri" of Ampezzo. Reading time: 6 min The Music Band Festival of Cortina Ra Fèŝta de ra Bàndes The Marching Bands Festival, an amazing way to spend the last Sunday of August with fun and music. Reading time: 7 min Country festivals The "Feste Campestri" Country festivals: a loved summer tradition where we can eat and have fun together. Reading time: 9 min Native animals of Cortina The animals of Cortina A quick description of the fauna found in Ampezzo, from the smallest to the most majestic animals. Reading time: 6 min

The best summer and winter hikes

The most beautiful summer and winter hikes in Cortina d'Ampezzo. From the easiest walks to the hikings where some training is needed, divided by category, as well as some advice for novice hikers.

Winter hikes in Cortina Winter hikes in Cortina The most beautiful and easy snow walks in Cortina, with some tips. Reading time: 12 min Walking in the mountains safely Safety tips for hikers Tips for hiking in the mountains and prepare your backpack. Reading time: 8 min Ra Gores de Federa Ra Gores de Federa The Gorges of Federa, a new and fantastic trail that starts from Lake Pianozes, to Malga Federa. Reading time: 7 min From center to Pianozes Walk from the center to Pianozes A walk along the convent road, surrounded by green. From the center of Cortina to Lake Pianozes. Reading time: 8 min Loop of Pianozes The "loop" of Pianozes An easy ring walk from the district of Zuel to Lake Pianozes, through asphalt roads and woods. Reading time: 6 min From Pianozes to Lake d'Ajal From Lake Pianozes to Lake Ajal A short but intense hike to see two beautiful alpine lakes: Lake Pianozes and Lake Ajal. Reading time: 5 min From Sant'Uberto to Podestagno To the ruins of Podestagno A walk to the Podestagno Ruins, one of the most important points in Cortina's history. Reading time: 6 min Walk in the woods from Fiames to Cadin Walk from Fiames to Cadin An easy and short walk through the forest, along the Boite River, from Fiames to the district of Cadin. Reading time: 4 min the loop of Pian de Ra Spines The loop of Pian De Ra Spines A circular walk in the localitly of Fiames, we'll get to Pian de Ra Spines, alongside the Boite river. Reading time: 7 min Hike from Sant'Uberto to the meadows of Ra Stua From "Sant'Uberto" to "Ra Stua" An hike in the woods, from the parking in the state road to Malga Ra Stua, avoiding the paved road. Reading time: 6 min The lower Fanes falls Hike to the Lower Fanes Falls An hike to the waterfalls of Fanes, with the optional possibility of doing two small via ferratas. Reading time: 9 min Hike from Carbonin to Prato Piazza Hike from Carbonin to Prato Piazza From the Carbonin parking area to Prato Piazza and the other mountain lodges of the area. Reading time: 5 min From Cimabanche to Prato Piazza through the Chenopi trail From Cimabanche to Prato Piazza An alternative, and more panoramic, path to reach Prato Piazza, through the Chenopi trail. Reading time: 6 min From Valbona to Malga Maraia From Valbona to Malga Maraia A hike in the area of Auronzo that will lead you to eat at an appreciated mountain lodge. Reading time: 5 min From Ra Stua to Fodara From "Malga Ra Stua" to "Fodara" Hike from "Malga Ra Stua" to "Fodara Vedla" refuge, in the Sexten Dolomites Nature Park. Reading time: 6 min

CiaoCortina, presentation

As mentioned in the introduction, at the top of the page, CiaoCortina is a website that contains articles "written with the heart" about things to do and things to see in Cortina and its surroundings. There are also some ideas on where to eat, what to visit, where to party and many other useful information.

The reason we often write in the plural is because CiaoCortina is the result of the work of two brothers. We both live in Cortina all year round.

... we don't want to advertise, but honestly tell you what we love about Cortina...

All the recommendations, considerations and articles you'll find on this website are sincere and disinterested. This is not a "soulless" website full of ads: everything you'll read, every recommendation of what to see or where to go, is written without ulterior motives.

These are the same suggestions we could give to a friend of ours who, coming to visit us, asks us for a recommendation.

Our interest is not to advertise, but to let you know what we sincerely love about Cortina. In fact, no recommendation is paid in any way.

... we want to thank all the tourists who allow this town to live...

We believe that living in the "Pearl of the Dolomites", as Cortina is often called, is a privilege that is granted to us thanks to those who come to visit it. We take this opportunity to thank all the tourists, who allow this town to live.

Why should you visit Cortina d'Ampezzo?

The name Queen of the Dolomites was not given without a reason. Cortina is a wonderful place. It has been built in a natural conformation that is unique in the world: a wide valley, surrounded by some of the most beautiful and characteristic mountains of the Dolomites.

... the panorama that will appear before you is magical, it will leave you breathless...

Reaching Cortina for the first time will take your breath away, the panorama that will appear before you is magical, almost surreal, so much so that the Dolomites have been considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

These characteristics have made Cortina d'Ampezzo a very attractive place for every type of tourist: from those who love the mountains, who prefer less crowded months, to those who prefer stroll comfortably along the lively streets of the center, doing some shopping, and then eat in a luxury restaurant or in one of the wonderful mountain lodges of Cortina.

... in our travel guide we have tried to consider all types of tourism...

In writing the articles in our Cortina tourist guide we have tried to consider all types of tourism: from that oriented to experiencing nature, to that interested in worldliness and the good life.

Snow covered Cortina d'Ampezzo at night
Ampezzo valley as seen from mount Faloria
A nice cow, a grazing animal typical of our area
(1) Night view of Cortina. (2) Ampezzo valley as seen from mount Faloria. (3) A nice cow, a grazing animal typical of our area.

There will be some missing articles regarding "super luxurious" pastimes, because they don't represent us, but nonetheless we want to give you all our best recommendations on what to do and what to see in Cortina. We do our best to tell you both sides of the Queen of the Dolomites: touristic and naturalistic.

The two souls of Cortina

We'd like to recommend you to read our article on the seasonality of Cortina, as it explains a mostly unknown reality of holiday resorts. You can see it below:

In towns like Cortina, which suffer a lot from seasonality, you can see two opposing realities. On the one hand there are the months of peak season, characterized by crowds, queues, traffic and the top of social life. On the other side there are the off-seasons, characterized by extreme tranquility, almost deserted streets, shops, bars, restaurants and businesses mostly closed.

... the transition periods are probably the best months to visit Cortina...

Obviously there are also the transition periods, in which the two souls merge in what are probably the best months to visit Cortina: those where the tourist flow is more reasonable, but the activities are still all open.

This huge difference in the different months causes a kind of seasonal schizophrenia in residents and guests, with those who love and hate certain times of the year versus others. We recommend you to reflect on what you think would be the best months for you.

... remember that, at the end, Cortina is a small mountain village...

Finally, we must consider that a town like Cortina could be described as boring and limiting by some, but we believe that anyone who knows how to appreciate small things and quiet life will not agree.

Remember that, at the end, Cortina is a quiet mountain village: even in the moments of maximum turnout you can't hope to find the same stimuli that characterize, for example, large cities.

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