The best winter hikes in Cortina

Some winter treks to do in Cortina d'Ampezzo, along snowy slopes beaten by snowmobiles or snowcats. For each excursion it is possible to stop and eat in a mountain lodge and, in some cases, you can go down by sled.


On this page you can find some walks to do in winter in the woods of Cortina d'Ampezzo. These excursions are accessible to everyone and are done along trails beaten by snowmobiles or snowcats. Each hike reaches a mountain lodge where you can eat, can go down by sled and can also be done with ski mountaineering.

In the closing part of the article we'll give some general advice for those who are not very experienced with winter hikings. These suggestions will be about how to dress and how to equip yourself for a walk in the cold of winter season.

Malga Federa a Cortina d'Ampezzo in Inverno Cartello del Rifugio Dibona completamente sommerso dalla neve Un panorama di Mietres durante una gita invernale a Cortina d'Ampezzo (1) "Malga Federa" in winter. (2) Snow-covered sign. (3) "Mietres" during a winter hike.

From "Guargnè" to "Mietres" and back

Length: 5 kilometers (round trip)
Gradient: 400 meters up
Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
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This excursion destination is "Rifugio Mietres"small map icon starting from "Guargnè"small map icon. It's a slightly challenging walk, but still suitable for everyone. The car can be left in the "Guargnè" parking areasmall map icon. From the parking lot walk north on the only groomed ski slope. Continue uphill, leaving the parking lot and the former swimming pool behind you.

After about 15 minutes of walking you'll reach the former chairlift of "Col Tondo"small map icon, currently closed to the public. Continue walking up for another 40 minutes, always keeping an eye on the slopes, because of snowmobiles and ski mountaineers who may descend at high speeds. Once you reach the sign where paths 204 and 211 are marked, after a slight right turn, you are almost there. I don't want to discourage you, but the final climb is quite steep, but pretty short. Don't be fooled by the view of the mountain lodge and continue walking at a constant speed.

Once you reach your destination you'll be welcomed by a cute mountain lodge and a breathtaking view, as well as the opportunity to eat and drink something on the panoramic terrace, or inside the mountain lodge. For those who wish it's possible to make this winter excursion with mountaineering skis, or you could bring a sledge with you and return sledding on the slope. The use of snowshoes is optional and not recommended.

The "Mietres" mountain lodge also provides service in the evening, with the possibility of getting on a snowmobile. For this kind of transport we suggest you contact the structure or visit their website.

Ascent along the ski slope towards Mietres mountain lodge. The Mietres mountain lodge in winter with snow. The sunset on the way back walking on the sky slope. (1) Panorama from the ski slope.. (2) The "Mietres" mountain lodge. (3) The sunset on the way back.
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Winter walk to "Ra Stua"

Length: 6,5 kilometers (round trip)
Gradient: 260 meters up
Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
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This winter trek brings to "Malga Ra Stua"small map icon starting from "Sant'Uberto" parking areasmall map icon. It is an easy excursion, good for everyone. The parking at the starting point is quite busy and must be reached by car, so we recommend you to leave early in the morning, to have a better chance to find some free car spaces, especially in peak season.

The walk starts from the wooden table of the "Regole d'Ampezzo", which is worth stopping to observe, as it's interesting and very well made. The hike continues in the woods for almost an hour, the road is the only beaten track, so it's almost impossible to get lost.

Watch out for snowmobiles, skiers and sleds. Try to keep to the side of the road throughout the ascent, especially on blind turns. Keep in mind that for most of the walk the climb is constant and not too steep, until almost the end.

Towards the end of the hike, on the left, you can see the famous "Ra Stua" waterfall almost completely frozen. If you decide to approach it to take some pictures, be very careful, the risk of slipping is very high. One more little effort and you will reach the "Malga Ra Stua", where it's possible to stop, or you could continue towards the "Rifugio Sennes" or the "Rifugio Fodara", an excursion usually done on ski mountaineering, but that is also possible to do walking.

If you decide to stop at "Malga Ra Stua", it has about 40 seats inside and 60 outside. The menu consists of typical Ampezzo dishes and traditional homemade food. In addition to the restaurant, the malga also offers bedrooms with shared or private bathrooms. More information can be found on their official website.

Snowy bridge on the road to Ra Stua. Malga Ra Stua in winter. Strada innevata in direzione sant'Uberto. (1) Snowy bridge on the road. (2) "Malga Ra Stua" in winter. (3) The way back is covered by snow.
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Reach "Malga Federa" on the snow

Length: 10 kilometers (round trip)
Gradient: 700 meters up
Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
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The climb towards "Malga Federa"small map icon from "Campo di Sotto"small map icon is a quite challenging walk, which will take you 700 meters up in constant ascent. This is not a winter hike suitable for everyone, in fact we recommend it only to those who have a minimum of training walking uphill. You can start from "Campo di Sotto" or, if you want to walk a little less uphill, from the wide "Parù de Col" parking lotsmall map icon. If you don't have a car, you can reach "Campo di sotto" walking from the center of Cortina (consider about 30 minutes) or with the city bus number 2.

In peak season the parking lot is assaulted and even "Malga Federa" may not have any available seats, so we recommend you to leave early in the morning, at the cost of arriving too early. I assure you that drinking something with that view will not make you regret this choice. The ascent to the "Malga Federa" is groomed with a snowcat and snowmobiles. The road is always well walkable and it's impossible to get lost. However, try to watch out for sleds and skiers that may go down very fast. As already mentioned, the climb is quite constant, with a few very steep sections, but also with few flat sections where you can take a breath. We suggest climbing at slow and constant speed. Surely it's a good idea to bring with you the crampons from snow, because in some points the road could be frozen.

After walking for about an hour and a half, the forest will begin to open and you'll see in front of you the "Becco di Mezzodì", the mountain that is also our logo, indicating that you are almost there. One last effort and "Malga Federa" will be there to welcome you, with a traditional menu of excellent quality and a bar service open until the afternoon. During peak season this mountain lodge also offers the opportunity to dine, however we suggest you check availability on their official website. As already mentioned above, the descent can be done walking, with mountaineering skis or sleds, a very fun activity, especially in the evening.

Ascent along the road of Malga Federa The Becco di Mezzodì comes out of the wood Malga Federa at Cortina d'Ampezzo in winter (1) The climb to "Malga Federa". (2) The "Becco di Mezzodì". (3) "Malga Federa" in winter.
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The "rifugio Dibona" in winter

Length: 7 kilometers (round trip)
Gradient: 500 meters up
Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes
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The "Rifugio Dibona"small map icon of Cortina d'Ampezzo is one of the favorite destinations for residents and tourists who want to take a nice winter walk, but without exaggerating. To reach the mountain lodge you have to go up with the car along the "Passo Falzarego" for about 9 kilometers and park on the gravel parkingsmall map icon which is on the left as you go up, shortly after the "locanda Vervei"small map icon and the little church of the alpinessmall map icon.
Parking is unfortunately one of the sore points for those who want to walk to the "Dibona" mountain lodge, so we recommend you to leave early in the morning, to don't have to struggle to find a free parking lot. If the parking is full, you can proceed for another one and a half kilometers, you might find a parking space at "Cianzopè"small map icon. Anyway, we suggest that you don't leave your car on the side of the road, both because it could be dangerous for the other cars, and because you may risk getting a fine.

Once you find a parking space, head towards the start of the road to the "rifugio Dibona", easily recognizable by the many signs and the wooden structure. After more or less 10 minutes of walking you'll reach the "malghe of Fedaròla". The name of this place derives from féda, which in Ampezzo means sheep. In fact, in these pastures, the farmers brought their sheeps to graze in the past. Another little curiosity: the locality of "Armentarola", on the Falzarego Pass, takes its name from the dialect word arménta, which means cow. As you can imagine, in that case it was a cow pasture.

Continue along the road, which is always well marked. Keep in mind that it's not a very long climb, but in some traits it could be quite steep, so go ahead with a slow and constant pace, in order not to fatigue unnecessarily. During the first part of the climb you'll be immersed in the woods, but at a certain point the panorama will open up, giving you a splendid view of the mount "Tofana di Rozes". In about an hour you should see the mountain lodge, which will welcome you with a simple, but high quality menu.

The "rifugio Dibona", in peak season, also organizes dinners with snowmobiling, we recommend you to visit their facebook page for more infos. The descent from the mountain lodge will be along the same road, and can be done with a sledge if you bring one with you. If you decide to reach the structure with the ski mountaineering, it's possible to reach the ski slope of the "Tofanina", from which you can reach the locality Socrepes.

Dibona mountain lodge sign on the state road 51 of the Falzarego Pass Snowy road in direction of Dibona mountain lodge The Dibona mountain lodge in Cortina d'Ampezzo in Winter (1) Sign to the "rifugio Dibona". (2) The road that goes to "Dibona". (3) The "Dibona" mountain lodge.
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Restaurant Lake Ajal

Length: 5 km round trip (3.1 mi)
Height difference: 350 meters uphill
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
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Lake AjalSmall Map icon of Cortina d'Ampezzo is somewhere between a restaurant and a mountain lodge, open both in winter and summer. Because of its distance from the ski slopes and the most traveled roads, it can easily be reached on foot, with a walk lasting about an hour, unfortunately all uphill. To reach Lake Ajal you can leave the car on the wide Parking Lot "Parù de Col"Small Map icon, near Lake PianozesSmall Map icon. Finding a free space could be a problem, so we recommend that you arrive relatively early in the morning. In fact, the hike to Malga Federa also starts from here, as we mentioned above. In our case, to make the walk slightly more challenging, we parked at the beginning of the road that leads to Lake Pianozes. If you don't want to make the initial climb, skip the first chapter.

The first section is quite steep, we must also be careful of cars and ice, which are often present in this section of the road. In order not to slip, try to keep to the side of the road, where there is always some gravel. At the top of the hill, take the intersection to the right and continue to the Parù de Col car park, it will take approximately 15 minutes.

Once you reach the car park, you'll see the end of the asphalt road and the beginning of a snow-covered road with snowmobile tracks. From there the road is closed to traffic. Even though the route is perfectly signposted, you have to take the road on the right, the less inviting because of the steepest climb. We assure you that the effort will be rewarded with a pleasant lunch. Unfortunately, when we went hiking, there was little snow, as can be seen from the photographs below. At least the road was not icy and we climbed very well. It's always advised to have snow crampons with you, because you may find a different situation. Continue in the only possible direction until you reach an intersection, where you have to go straight. This is a great place to catch some breath, considering that you are more than halfway.

Once you have crossed the intersection, continue for another kilometer and you'll arrive at the restaurant. It will be clearly visible on your left once you have finished the climb. For those who don't like to walk, the mountain lodge offers snowmobiles service, but we recommend you to contact the structure for more information.

If you are considering the descent with the sled or with the touring skis, consider that it is a very steep road. You have to be very careful with skis, while you should avoid the sled.

The crossroads towards Lake Ajal Snow-covered road towards the restaurant  The Lake Ajal mountain lodge (1) The crossroads towards Lake Ajal. (2) Snow-covered road towards the restaurant. (3) The Lake Ajal mountain lodge.

Go down by sled

While it's true that in summer the days are long and you can take it easy, winter also has its advantages. The fascination of walking under the snow, the possibility to go down from the mountain lodges with the sledge and the winter atmosphere can transform a simple walk in a moment of great emotion.

All the hikes you'll find on this page have been selected to be made by almost everyone, each walk ends at a mountain lodge, where you can eat or drink something. All the descents can be done sledding or with ski mountaineering.
If you're not into walking, or don't want to struggle, it's generally possible to call the lodge and organize to go up with snowmobiles. If you decide to do a night sledding, always remember the head flashlight, with spare batteries. Also remember to use pants with elastic on the ankle, or you'll find yourself with legs full of snow.

If the snowfalls have been heavy, sledding will be fun and quite safe, but if the snow is low you have to be very careful! The presence of ice before the turns makes it more difficult to brake and, if you go off-piste, you risk hitting trees or walls. Be careful, because getting hurt on a sled is easier than you might imagine.

Sleds parked waiting for drivers who are eating Sledging on the snow at Malga Federa A group of friend with sledges (1) Sleds parked outside a mountain lodge. (2) Sledging at "Malga Federa". (3)A group of friends sledding.


In this final chapter we want to deepen the topic of winter hiking, with some useful advice for those who are not used to going to the mountains in winter. First and foremost, when walking in the snow, it is important to have proper footwear. Shoes should be warm, comfortable, with a sculpted sole and designed for walking on snow. Socks must be warm and long, the clothing must be indicated for winter, not too heavy and with the possibility to remove one layer if you feel too warm. If it's very cold, remember to cover your hands and head with gloves and cap. Since you'll be very dressed it's likely that you will sweat a lot, always bring a spare dry shirt.

It's often possible to find ice, to avoid slipping we strongly recommend the purchase of crampons from snow in a specialized sports store. Sometimes the use of snowshoes is suggested. Personally I recommend you to use this accessory only in case you want to walk in plenty of fresh and soft snow. If you walk on groomed snow they are not recommended, because they only make walking more difficult. Consider that the ascent in the snow is more tiring than the ascent on asphalt, so bring with you water and a snack, even for short trips. If you plan to stop in a mountain lodge to have fun, always take a head flashlight, the days are short and you may lose track of time.

Always check the actual opening of the mountain lodge you want to reach: often in the mid-season they only open on weekends. When walking on the groomed snow tracks be aware that there are also snowmobiles, skiers and sleds. Remember that it is forbidden to walk along the ski slopes, both downhill and cross-country. Try to walk on the edge of the road. For the rest, the suggestions are the same that we have given in this page for beginner hikers.

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