Walk in Cortina: from Fiames to Cadin

An easy walk in Cortina d'Amepezzo. Starting from Fiames we'll reach the picturesque district of Cadin. The road goes in the shadows through the woods and along the Boite river, to finally reach a beautiful meadow.

The path

Start point: Camping Olympia, Fiames Length: 7 km (4.34 mi) Height difference: 50 meters (164 ft) Duration: About 1 hour and half Destination: The meadows of Cadin GPX: Download our GPX route


The road that starts from "Fiames"Small map icon, and leads to "Cadin"Small map icon is a relaxing walk that can be done by everybody, also childrens and older people.

This is a short itinerary through the woods, about 3.5km (2.17mi) in length and lasting about 40 minutes, which doubles in case you decide to come back the same way, as we have made.

The walk is ideal on hot summer days, because the route is always shaded by the trees. It also is near the banks of the river Boite, and the refreshing effect given by the proximity of the water helps even more to fight the warmth.

The hike

The start of our walk is in the district of FiamesSmall map icon, which can be easily reached walking, by car or by bus. For more informations on city bus service, you can contact the Cortina info pointSmall map icon, or the station ticket officeSmall map icon.

Once you reach Fiames you have to head to the bridge on the Boite river, the same that brings to the Olympia campingSmall map icon. Once you've crossed the bridge, just look for the sign named Ponte de ra Sia, where the indication of path 417 will invite you to enter the woods, towards Cadin.

The bridge of Fiames, the starting point of our walk towards Cadin The fence to the entrance to path 417 in the locality of Fiames The signpost Ponte de ra Sia (1) The bridge on Boite river Fiames. (2) The entrance to path 417. (3) The sign "Ponte de ra Sia".

The walk follows the "Boite" River for about half an hour, never presenting particularly steep climbs or descents. After about twenty minutes you'll encounter a small crossroads, but the two roads meet again a few meters ahead, so the direction you decide to follow will be completely indifferent.

Now there is a small climb, after which you'll have to continue for another 10 minutes, until you see the end of the woods and a green meadow, full of flowers and with a truly enchanting view of Cortina. There is a very short distance left to reach Cadin.

walk from Fiames to Cadin along the boite Trail marker 147 on a tree Arrival in the district of Cadin (1) Along the boite river. (2) rail marker 147. (3) Arrival in Cadin.

The walk ends at the end of this beautiful meadow, at the small village of Cadin di Sopra. Unfortunately Cadin doesn't have much to offer to the tourists, so you could take a short visit, but you'll probably leave soon. To return home, you can take the same route you did before, or alternatively you can walk towards the town center. In this case it will take about 40 minutes.

Bar at the end of Cadin street The district of Cadin di Sopra at Cortina d'Ampezzo The view of the Pomagagnon on the way back to Fiames (1) Bar at the end of the road. (2) Cadin di Sopra at Cortina d'Ampezzo. (3) The view of the Pomagagnon.


On the meadow before Cadin, at the right time of the year, it is also possible to see several Red Lilies, called Lilies of San Giovanni. This beautiful flower grows in the period from May to July and is a protected species, therefore it must not be collected in any way, neither as a flower nor as a bulb.

Before reaching the village of Cadin you'll find a picturesque wooden bench, from which you can observe the panorama and relax in the sun. On the back of the bench Kurt Wierer sculpted a Madonna, who observes Cortina with a blissful smile, perhaps she too was enchanted by the view of Mount Faloria.

Mount Pomagagnon, seen from Cadin, is one of the most majestic mountains in the whole valley. In reality, its hugeness is only an illusion due to its particular proximity. The highest ridges of this mountain (the "Croda Longes", the "Croda of Pomagagnon" and the "Head of Bartoldo") don't even reach 2500mt (8,200ft) in height, almost nothing compared to the 3244mt (10,600ft) of the Tofane or the 3264mt (10,700ft) of Mount Antelao.

Panorama of Cortina d'Ampezzo from Cadin Red lilium, o Lilium of San Giovanni, on the meadow of Cadin The bench with sculpture on Cadin's meadow (1) Panorama of Cortina d'Ampezzo. (2) Red lilium, o Lilium of "San Giovanni". (3) The bench with sculpture.


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