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Here you can see all the different ways to help us: spreading our website, writing us a suggestion or a correction, or even making a little donation with PayPal. If you are using an adblocker, please whitelist our website.

How to help CiaoCortina

On this page we ask for your help. Obviously everything is absolutely optional, this site will always be free, without registration and without the need to provide personal informations. There are several ways in which you can support us or help us to grow:

Paypal donation

With the following button you can make a donation on Paypal. You'll be able to choose if it will be for a one-time donation, or a monthly subscription. Obviously you have to choose the amount of the donation: we don't want big numbers, a coffee or a beer would already be much appreciated.

Using the button above you will be redirected to the PayPal website, where you'll have to enter a digit. If you want, you can also chech the box to maka the donation a monthly subscription.

Crypto donation

You can also tip us with some Bitcoin, a few Satoshi would be more than enough. Below you can see the QR code associated to our BTC address.

Bitcoin QR bc1qtku7wwm25w85cagfkd0yvr5l98h3d52w69zsfe

In the future we'll study how to create a Lightning Wallet and maybe we could add other cryptoassets.

Write about us

Like any website, we love to grow, and the more people will talk about our site, the more visible we'll be. If you like our articles, you might consider writing something about our work, linking our website on the forums, social networks or groups you frequent. It would be greatly appreciated.